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george donnelly list at zettai.net
Thu Jan 23 12:04:01 CST 2003

[Shifra Raffel commented on 1/16/03 6:06 PM]

> A couple of years ago I had a friend who swore by SiteSeer,
> http://www.freshwater.com/SiteSeer.htm, pretty picture examples at
> http://www.freshwater.com/SiteSeerReports.htm
> I don't know if they are still as reliable.

Thanks to all for the recs. FYI:

SiteSeer has the best pretty graphs but is too expensive. InternetSeer has a
nice service but the graphs do not have unique url's (so i can't auto-post
them on my site) and the sales staff is clueless.

Alertra is reasonable, they have an XML feed of the recent uptime checks and
their graphs are easily-comprehensible so it looks like i'll use them and
roll my own images.

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