[thelist] PHP arrays

Howard Cheng howcheng at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jan 23 13:13:02 CST 2003

You're correct that MySQL 3.x doesn't support foreign keys for data
integrity purposes (ie, you can't specify foreign key relationships), but
you can still use foreign keys, as you are doing here, with the category ID
in your Items table. You just don't tell MySQL that it's a foreign key.

At 02:21 PM 1/23/2003 +0000, Andrew Maynes wrote:
>I bet you didn't have to read this 4 times!  Spot on this is exactly what I am
>trying to do... Am I aout of touch or do I need to buy a new MySQL book!  It
>states that FOREIGN KEY  operation is currently not implemented?
>I am working on your solution now :)

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