[thelist] IP numbers

Carlos Costa Portela ccosta at servidores.net
Thu Jan 23 14:18:28 CST 2003

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Rachel Cunliffe wrote:
> If the IP numbers are the same, does this mean that it was the same
> computer that both messages came from?  Or, could that IP be allocated
> to another computer in the same city?

	Same IP does not imply same computer. Supposing that this is their
real IP, there are two possibilities:

	1. they are in a local network and all the computers of this LAN
go out to Internet with the same IP.

	2. they connect to internet using the IP that the ISP assigns
them. Then you need go to the ISP to ask them who had this IP at this

	Hope this helps,

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