[thelist] Deselecting A Radio Box

Abdullah Shaikh abdullah at uxdg.com
Thu Jan 23 15:17:18 CST 2003


If you need to deselect it, you shouldn't be using a radio button -- that's
what a checkbox is for.

Abdullah Shaikh
technical director

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> on 1/23/03 9:39 AM, Gregory J Toland at gtoland at xwaresys.com wrote:
> > Is there a way to deselect a radio box?  Once a user selects a radio box
> > (lets say there are 3 radio boxes) how can the user deselect the box so
> > that no one box is selected?
> Some (not all) UI purists would respond to this by saying "Hey! One in a
> of radio buttons should *always* be selected!" That certainly seems to be
> the way the control was designed.
> While I'm sure there's a way to deselect all radio buttons in a set using
> javascript, isn't offering an extra button, "none" (or whatever's
> both simple and accessible to the widest range of user agents? Working
> the form widget, rather than trying to bend it to your will, is usually
> simpler and more user-friendly, because your form works like everything
> else.
> Wade

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