[thelist] Back button issue with QueryString

Lonnie Kraemer lwkraemer at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 23 15:48:00 CST 2003

> Basically this part of the QueryString  "?msg=23" tells the server to
call a
> sub that pulls the corresponding message from a database and displays
it in
> the browser. That is working fine.
> The problem is if follow I link to another page and decide I want to
go back
> and hit the back button, the browser history calls
> MyPage.asp?msg=23 and displays the message again which in most case is
> appropriate anymore.
> So I'm wondering if there is a way to eliminate that problem.

When you click the back button, you are traversing the browser's
history. This is aptly named... you can't change history. Well, you can
"hide" it, but I don't think that it your "problem".

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