[thelist] SSI on NT (parsing problems)

Roger Harness magic32 at jps.net
Thu Jan 23 18:37:00 CST 2003


(please forgive any mis-use of terminology)

I have a basic page (page.shtml) that has two SSI calls. First one is
topbar.txt and the second is leftnav.shtml

both calls seem to work fine, EXCEPT, the leftnav.shtml has a few SSI
commands that *don't* get parsed. (a few if/else/endif's).

these same test files work fine on a UNIX server, but on a NT server, again,
that leftnav.shtml wont parse the commands correctly.

i've tried contacting the hosting support, Googling, changing file
extensions to all combinations of .html, shtml, stm, ect.

No luck.

I don't think it's any typos/syntax, because it works flawlessly on the UNIX

any suggestions/tips/resources??

as always, tia,

-Roger Harness

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