[thelist] [IE] slow to render xhtml strict page, Opera giving top border

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Thu Jan 23 19:38:01 CST 2003

hello there
I have recently converted our work website  template from messy tables
to xhtml strict + css layout.
Template validates as xhtml strict, css validates also.
All is fine and dandy in Mozilla land :)
IE (6) loads the page as it would appear in a browser that didn't
support @import of stylesheets, then after a second the page is rendered
I have also noticed this "lag" when developing xhtml and viewing local
files. No other browser I have (Opera, Phoenix, ns7, ns4.79) has this
Also - Opera (6.03 - win 2k )is giving my <ul> navigation items an extra
border above them and about 5px of extra space anyone know the answer to
either of these questions?

*disclaimer* The actual main content of the page (in the grey box) will
cause the page to not validate, as the content is formatted by a 3rd
party system (part of the site CMS) that produces invalid markup. I am
working on a fix for this.
*end disclaimer*

Paul Bennett
Internet Developer
Teltest Electronic Design
Phone : 64 4 237 0767
Web : http://www.teltest.com
Wap : http://wap.teltest.com
Email : paul at teltest.com

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