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Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Fri Jan 24 09:01:01 CST 2003

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> On Behalf Of Christopher Joseph
> I have a 10 meg limit on my mailserver for my mail box and I am
> occasionally away for a week or two every now and then .
> I am looking for a web mail client that will temporarily download all
> mail to the hosting space in some format that I can later extract or
> export to Mozilla mail.

Your "hosting space" doesn't allow email accounts? If it does, then
just forward your mail from your mailserver to an email account on
that server, then go for the email when you're ready.

If your host doesn't have email accounts, you could look in to
getting another host. There are other options - like an online email
account with larger space than 10 meg at not too high prices, like
$27/year for IMAP and POP mail with 20 meg space.

Contact me if you have questions about any of this.

hblair at hotfootmail.com

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