[thelist] Friday Freebee

Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Fri Jan 24 09:16:02 CST 2003

This may seem obvious to most people.  But, for people like me who are not
always in tune to the obvious, this tip may help your SMTP server sitting on
behind your cable modem or DSL line send mail to those domains that tend to
reject your mail.

<tip type="Mail Hosting on Cable Modem" author="Joshua Olson">
When I try to send mail to some domains I find that they reject mail from my
server.  My domain is a valid domain and is registered with a registrar.
The reason that these hosts reject my mail is because my IP address is a
known dial-up IP address (verified by the server logs).  MAPS (mail abuse
prevention service) maintains a list of these class A, B, and C ranges so
that subscribers can use the list to scrub incoming messages for SPAM based
on the IP.

I looked up my IP at the following URL and found that I was indeed listed:


I found instructions on how to reconfigure my mail server to forward
outbound mail to the ISP's mail server.

Basic information:

Reconfiguring common mail servers:


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