[thelist] Re: SSI on NT (parsing problems) + one more Q

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Fri Jan 24 13:46:50 CST 2003

At 11:12 AM 1/24/2003, Roger Harness wrote:
>Ok, Anthony helped me figure out why if/eslif/etc commands wont work on NT
>server. (Thanks Anthony!).
>Now one more semi-related question, then I'm done.
>On the UNIX server, I learned how to modify the .htaccess file so I didn't
>have to use Shtml file extensions for SSI's. Very cool.
>Is there an NT equivalent to this procedure?

<tip author="Anthony Baratta" subject="Making htm and html SSI parsable in

If you want to have .htm and .html extensions parsed for SSI command in IIS:

Open Internet Services Manager. Find your web site, right mouse click and
select properties. Select the Home Directory Tab, and click the
Configuration button. Under the App Mappings tab, add .html and .htm
extensions with the same executable as the shtml extensions (e.g.
C:\WINNT\System32\inetsrv\ssinc.dll ). Limit the Verbs to GET,POST. Click
OK to save.


Hope that helps.
Anthony Baratta
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