[thelist] Errors mysql_query PHP

Jackson Yee jyee at vt.edu
Fri Jan 24 15:14:49 CST 2003

"Andrew Maynes" <andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk> wrote in message
news:NFBBJDAHDEEMAGMPBCPCEEBIELAA.andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk...
> Warning: mysql_query(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link
resource in
> c:\program files\apache group\apache\htdocs\cart\items.php on line 42

$connect isn't a valid connection from a previous call to mysql_connect().

Unless you have multiple connections to separate database servers, I'd just
leave $connect out, as PHP will automatically assume the last open
connection to be used.

Jackson Yee
jyee at vt.edu

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