[thelist] [IE] slow to render xhtml strict page, Opera giving top border

Kevin W null at tsn.cc
Fri Jan 24 16:59:26 CST 2003

> Also - Opera (6.03 - win 2k )is giving my <ul> navigation items an extra
> border above them and about 5px of extra space anyone know the answer to
> either of these questions?

The 5px extra space is easy:
ul.menu li { margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0; }

The extra border is a Opera 5/6 bug where it gives block, underlined links
an overline instead of an underline.  The only solution to that is remove
the underline, at least from O6.  This bug is fixed in Opera7b2.

BTW, in O7b2, the links don't have underlines.  I'm thinking it might be a
beta bug with setting it to display: block.

Kevin W :-)
Opera/CSS/webdev blog: http://www.mypage.tsn.cc/trats/

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