[thelist] Online Glossary Database (PHP/MySQL))

Jeniffer C. Johnson lead at offlead.com
Sat Jan 25 03:35:08 CST 2003

I've got a bit of a challenge that I'm not sure how to resolve. I'm hoping
someone will be able to point me in the correct direction. Here's the

I'm developing a glossary system for an author friend, to go with a series
of novels. Got the basics more or less set up: terms with definitions;
categories; languages; volumes. So as each volume is published, online
users will be able to look up the glossary that goes with that volume, see
a straight listing of glossary terms, or look up specific information by
category or language. This is all fine. But we would like to cross-link the
glossary terms. For example, if assume we have one glossary term like such:

      gloss term: this is the definition, with things to say.

and another term like thus:

      things: another few sentences here to describe it.

So, when viewing "gloss term", we would like the word "things" to be a link
that would take you to the definition for "things". And clearly I have no
intention of doing all this cross-referencing on my own. Does anyone know
how I might go about accomplishing this (PHP/MySQL)?



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