[thelist] Head Hunters, Staffing Agencis and Job Hunting Tips

Andrew Finger andyjje at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 26 12:22:01 CST 2003

>I think you missed my point. I wasn't being critical of
>the idea of targeting a particular company, I was
>suggesting that there is
>*no* value in walking in cold off the street without an

>It makes sense, besides, I wouldn't know how to go about
>walking into a company in the first place - it would take
>a lot of guts to just walk in and ask for hiring manager
>or some other recruiter. If someone has done this, however,
>I'd like to hear their experience.

A very negative approach to job hunting makes it that much harder.  Get the
guts and walk into a corporation uninvited.  When Mr. Evil Security Guard
stops you, ask him if you may drop off a resume to the receptionist in the
main lobby.  If he's as mean as you feared, he will take the resume and
deliver it to the receptionist himself after you leave the premise.  He may
throw it away, in which case you've wasted a whole of thiry seconds in the
building.  Move on.
Chances are, you'll get to the receptionist desk.  You can ask questions
while handing over the resume.  "Who will review my resume?  How often does
he/she look at resumes?"
Note: Not all DBA's and lead IT's use secret elevators to escape the
building.  They use the main lobby.  You may cross paths with the guy who
might hire you later on.  He just might remember you as the person he saw in
the lobby that one day.  You may even run into a friendly CEO.  When the DBA
talks about hiring people at the next corporate meeting, CEO says "Check
that college kid.  He seemed alright."
If you know the company is looking for somebody to fill a position, you may
even get an interview on the spot.  Be ready for it.  A lull during the day
makes for a great opportunity to get your foot in the door.

All this sounds like I'm telling you to wait for "dumb luck," but that's
what you've got to do to find the right job.  You may or may not land jobs
this way, but at least you've got practice.  Get comfortable dealing with
head honchos.  The best jobs don't want timid personalities.  Show your
future boss you've got guts.

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