[thelist] site backups

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Sun Jan 26 15:47:02 CST 2003

Forgive me if this is a dumb question ;)
I have 2 work sites which are getting large and unwieldy, with content
ranging from publi$her files, pdfs, flash, word docs etc etc as well as
a healthy dose of working and experimental php/xml/mysql applications.
I have recently been doing weekly backups of both site files and
database content and am faced with a conundrum of sorts.
Option (1)  is to ftp down ALL content, EVERY week. This currently takes
around an hour or so on a cable connection ands is a big fat waste of my
precious bandwidth, but it would guarantee a good reliable full site
Option (2) is to only ftp down files that have been modified, based on
my (flakey) memory of what I have been up to for the week. This would be
VERY error prone but would save bandwidth.

I currently hand code all files, am on a windows (2000) box at home (I
get the feeling this would be EASY on a *nix box) and would have
physical access to the server (hosted at our offices) if this is
necessary. I would prefer to be able to do this remotely (eg: from the
comfort of my home office - I am lazy)
Would CVS work with this? Can a windoze cvs client hook into a linux cvs
server? Would a cvs repository still allow the files (.php / .html) to
be served via Apache? Am I just not GETTING cvs? Are there other *cough*
free *cough* tools I can use for this task that would only pull down the
*changed* files?
send me google links if you like, I have NO idea where to start looking..

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