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> > Any help or URL's would be greatly appreciated.
> [...]
> well, since you put it that way, here's my suggestion
> do not go down that path
> [...]
> for example, you mention "netscape 4.x, netscape 6.x + and 
> explorer 5.x +"
> what about opera? safari? aol? karmeleon? konkerer? iweb? 
> icab? idunno?

+1 with rudy

Here's an example. A few months ago I posted to thelist a little question about a PHP browser sniffer to serve either a dhtml menu or a static one, and it was agreed that that wasn't a good idea. I defended it by saying it was intended for an intranet, where we roughly have 50% Netscape 4.5 and less, and 50% IE5.5+.

Because I'm a crazy moz-user I also made the code DOM-compatible.

The other day (two weeks ago) a guy writes and says "you're saying on the home page that my browser's too old, it's Konqueror 1.3! What gives!" (or whatever version is the latest)

And he was absolutely right. I told him that for matters of development time I had to rely on that, but also had to admit that it came from my then-lacking knowledge in DOM JS.

Now I'm ashamed. I've got an honest-to-$deity[1] DHTML trick, written in pure DOM, and it doesn't work in Konqueror because of my silly server-side sniffer, and it's too late to corect it because it's being distributed on our intranet on 3 sites at the same time and other projects have engulfed me. Won't do it _ever_ again. (repeat, EVER).

If it didn't discourage you nothing will, so be warned, mob horan.


[1] courtesy aardvark word-coining company Ltd.

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