[thelist] site check please

danielEthan daniel at ionize.net
Mon Mar 31 16:57:27 CST 2003

On Monday, Mar 31, 2003, at 16:08 America/Chicago, Rob Smith wrote:

> http://www.thermon.com

Okay, I've found a way into the navigation of the site (clicking on 
privacy statement gave me some links to click around on). This problem 
not withstanding, here are some thoughts:

1. Centered text is bad. Two reasons, one personal, the other factual. 
Personally, I think it looks like bad poetry. But seriously, it is 
difficult to read centered text because the eye does not know where it 
begins. I would avoid centering text except if you're assured that the 
line will not wrap, and then with caution.

2. I think I'd up the default font size one. At 800x600, the line 
length is still very much beyond the comfortable number of words. Once 
again, the eye becomes lost on long lines, and can lead to fatigue.

3. I think you should differentiate the navigation sections more than 
you do (now, it's just bold-- but the same style/size). While the side 
navigation does stand-out adequately as it is now, the top navigation 
is probably not easily noticed.

4. You've got the beginnings of a wonderful color palette, but you 
under utilize it. All you do are section titles in the color behind the 
logo. I think you could use color more effectually.


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