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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Mon Mar 31 17:05:24 CST 2003

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> hey all,
> I'm working on a site that has a very complex nested table layout
> (I'm just thrilled.) One thing I find is that you can end up with
> some uneven table/tr/td tags if you are not careful.
> I am using HomeSite which I love, but it does not have (unless I've
> missed it) a tool that matches open/closed tags for you.

I use CF Studio.  I figure out these things using a couple techniques (in
order of priority):

1.  Indent in a consistent fashion.  Matching TABLE/TR/TD's should be on the
same column.
2. Hitting Ctrl-M when on a tag will find it's mate.
3. Use code-sweeper (built into CF Studio) to automagically indent tags.
4. Enabling the border on a table and inserting scaffolding at the front
tail end of table cells to try to sort out what's going on.


Joshua Olson
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