[thelist] site check please

Mark Lee leemark at isu.edu
Mon Mar 31 17:30:37 CST 2003

> The home page doesn't give me anywhere to go other than the footer links.
> ...
> The middle of the page is devoid of anything of substance. However, 
> what is there is very nice indeed.

The initial page was broken in every browser I tried except I.E. (IE 6 
on Windows XP).  The "Flash Splash" showed up in Mozilla 1.3, but filled 
100% of the vertical space so that no matter how I sized the window the 
bottom links never showed without scrolling down. Not so bad.  Netscape  
7.0 didn't show the flash at all, neither did Opera 6.05, neither did 
Netscape 4.78.  
Maybe not such a big deal except there is no other link to a home page, 
although if you are creative you can go to "Privacy Statement" which 
then has a link to the home page.
Other than that I really like it, nothing I noticed except that the link 
to "Home" is on the far right of the horizontal nav across the top.  I 
always want to look in the upper left of a page for that.  Also not a 
big deal.

Mark Lee
Web Media Developer
Media Center/ITRC
Idaho State University
leemark at isu.edu - 208.282.4765

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