[thelist] FTP with Dreamweaver over SSL

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Mon Mar 31 19:34:02 CST 2003

At 04:31 PM 3/31/2003, Martin Kuplens-Ewart wrote:
>Does anyone know how FTP over SSL can work with Dreamweaver?
>The shop I'm with is moving to new servers tomorrow and we seem to have
>forgotten to check how to do this somewhat critical function ;).

A quick google found this:



"Use SSH (Secure SHell) encrypted secure login (Dreamweaver MX only). A 
method of transferring files that encrypts, for security purposes, contents 
sent over a network. Refer to your server administrator to know if your 
server is set up this way and if additional passwords are required."

Looks like Dreamweaver MX only supports SSH via FTP.

Good Luck.
Anthony Baratta
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