[thelist] Mailman Mailing List Management

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Tue Apr 1 00:51:41 CST 2003

Hello All :

	I have never had to manage a mailing list, so I am turning here for 
some help. I have the same mailing list manager as evolt does installed 
on my host, and I have managed to get the initial setup completed. 
However, I am having some problems as to the configuration. This list 
won't be a "traditional" list in that :

	1. Messages that are posted to the list, should actually just go 	to a 
few select email addresses, and not to the general 			membership. 
However, regular membership options (like 				registering for the list 
by sending an email, etc. should work).

	2. Replies to a message should go to the sender (this I don't 			think 
will be too much of a problem).

	3. I don't know how feasable this is, but I would like the 			archiving 
to hold the both the messages posted to the list, and 		the replies sent 
to the poster.

	4. Again, don't know if this is possible, but, would also like 			to 
have a way for people to request to be added to the "few 			select email 
address" list in item 1 the same way that a regular 	member requests 

	Since I don't have any experience with setting this stuff up, please 
advise accordingly.  Also, if any of the things that I enumerated aren't 
possible using the mailman listing manager, I would also appreciate a 
note :)

Thank you for your time,
Burhan Khalid

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