[thelist] site check please

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Tue Apr 1 08:46:51 CST 2003

Obviously I still have a lot of more work to do. Thanks for your comments
thus far, but I still need one more thing checked out that hasn't been
touched on yet:

:-\ those of you who can get to this:

1. See if you can view any of the Pdf's in the any catalog. If not, and you
fixed it, what was the fix?

2. Access the Americas section. Choose Contact Us, find any rep down to the
County level. Do you observe 1 Industrial, 1 Commercial rep for any given
County chosen. 

NOTE on 2. No one really found anything wrong on or not working except one
of our reps who claims to get multiple reps on the County level. Its amazing
how much flack you can receive because of one hic-up. 

Thanks again,


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