[thelist] SQL Assistance

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Apr 1 12:02:19 CST 2003

> ert, that AS should be an =
> AddressContactID = (SELECT TOP 1 id FROM Address WHERE AddressContactID =
> ContactID)

the sql server style equal sign column alias works in access?   whoa

> <tip type="ColdFusion whitespace">
> The cfsilent tag is the preferreed method for controlling whitespace,
> as it has extremely low overhead.
> cfsetting has a little more overhead, but also allows output to the page
> within cfoutput blocks, and the processing of cfinclude tags.
> </tip>

which release did cfsilent come in on?  and what about

last thing i want to do is make a change to application.cfm on my site and
have it barf all over the server room floor (which is in phoenix) because i
used something it doesn't yet recognize

yeah, yeah, rudy should check it on his own desktop

big whoop

i say your tip shoulda told me   ;o)

i really meant to quiz .jeff on this very question on friday, but i forgot


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