[thelist] SQL Assistance

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Apr 1 12:13:21 CST 2003


> which release did cfsilent come in on?  and what about
> cfprocessingdirective?
> last thing i want to do is make a change to application.cfm on my site and
> have it barf all over the server room floor (which is in phoenix) because
> used something it doesn't yet recognize
> yeah, yeah, rudy should check it on his own desktop
> big whoop
> i say your tip shoulda told me   ;o)

cfprocessingdirective and cfsilent were new in CF 4.5

cfsetting is ancient history.

i specifically *didnt* mention what version, because CF4.5 is an ancient
horrible thing, that no one should be using still. if your host is still
using CF4.5, you should point out to them their driver's license is likely
newer than their software.



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