[thelist] JavaScript array notation and similarly named form elements

Mike Foroobar mike at exit13.f2o.org
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I don't know if this will help you, but whenever I'm having trouble
writing a script, I go look up a copy of the DOM (Document Object
Model... found one at
http://www.juicystudio.com/tutorial/javascript/document.html). If you
look under form you'll see it has a length property, among others, which
you can use in your script.

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I have a group of text fields named WBE1, WBE2, . . . WBEn which, on
some JavaScript event (onclick, onchange, whatever) I need to clear.

How can I loop thru all these similarly named elements without knowing
in advance how many there are, or how can I take a count to use in a
'for' loop?


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