[thelist] web site on a cd?

Simon Hibbard shibbard at seri.co.uk
Wed Apr 2 10:35:00 CST 2003

Hi all,

Wondered if anyone out there may have any suggestions for something i have been asked to produce (if possible). Basically i developed a web site for a company intranet allowing the users to browse through thousands of images taken on comapany trips, add to a shopping cart and order.

Now the this is all fine and works well - but they also have users who want to be able to order from home, and these users all use a company dial up which is slow anyway, and the fact that the site uses high quality images (so people can identify themselves) it is just too slow (fine on intranet as was designed for).

So basically they have asked if i can porvide the same sort of system on a CD to give to employees only requiring it to access the intranet via remote access to pass info to the order form.

My problem is replicating the site on a CD, its currently written in ASP - obviously this isnt going to run on a CD (no server to execute script). So am thinking of writting a tool to run from the DB and generate the all the site pages as static HTML pages and inclde a client side (JS) shopping cart to store items they add from the static pages.

This seems to be a drastic solution and i can envisage many problems - has anyone got any better suggestions or encountered a similar request? Could i use Flash, but then doesnt that require a server on which to execute scripts (ie to a database) - no Flash scripting experience here.

any pointers, ideas etc most welcome.

Thanks fro your time.


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