[thelist] Development Environments

fuzzylizard chris at fuzzylizard.com
Wed Apr 2 23:09:58 CST 2003

Ken Kogler wrote:

>>What I want to do is implement a tri-boot system. One option would be
>>XP Pro with all my development stuff installed (VS.NET, VS6.0,
>>InterDev et al), one option would be XP Pro with all my entertainment
>>stuff (drivers for SB Extigy, DVD software, games, anything else I
>>fancy installing without fear of compromising my development
>>environment), and the final option would be RedHat running as a
>>server/workstation combo. 
>My recommendation would be to dual boot XP and RedHat, and use XP's user
>accounts to differentiate between work and play...
>Partition your hard drive, install RedHat into one partition, then
>install XP into the other partition. Shouldn't be too difficult.
I would second this suggestion. The only difference being that you need 
to install XP first and then install Red Hat. Red Hat will install a 
bootloader that will allow for the dual boot, whereas, if you install XP 
last, it will install its own bootloader and you will lose the Red Hat 


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