[thelist] Russian to HTML

Andrew V Bolshakoff andrewb at megatrade.ru
Thu Apr 3 04:45:12 CST 2003


yup this is typical problem.. well, probably installing cyrillic 
languages support on your windows will fix that problem. Also if this 
will not help - try to set your locale to the russian language. After 
that everything should work fine.
hope this will help you,

bye bye, best wishes and good luck,

Rob Smith wrote:

>Hi yall,
>I've got a word doc with Cyrillic on it. My initial attempts at simply copy
>and pasting this text into Dreamweaver Ultradev have failed, resulting in
>lots of ?????? ???? 's. 
>Now the long hard way around this is to copy and paste each string of
>Cyrillic into a blank word doc, saving as a web page, and then c/p the
>Ӓ's from the code. (I'm looking at 9 pages of this procedure.) 
>Is there a better way to skin this cat? 

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