[thelist] "Unknown Runtime Error" in IE5 for my JS..grrr

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Thu Apr 3 10:37:16 CST 2003


> From: Tom Dell'Aringa
> [...] it was just a quick test page I whipped up. [...]
> Yes yes yes, Houston, this is a TEST! I won't do it that
> way in production. :) [...]

if you'd told me this was a test then i wouldn't have made those comments.

> > > 	body = target.document.getElementById('t1body');
> > > 	body.innerHTML += addHTML;
> > > 	item += 1;
> >
> > the word body has special meaning to ie.  change it to
> > tBody or oT1body or something.
> I didn't know that, but that didn't fix it. I changed
> both target and body to oTarget and oBody. No dice
> still get the unknown error.
> Now, when I change my target to a DIV instead of a table
> element - bingo - it works. At this point I'll just use
> that instead since it will serve my purposes but I can't
> imagine what the problem is here.

i suspect the problem is that you can't write to the innerHTML of a tbody.
you'd probably be better off using createElement() and appendChild() to
write out the rows and cells.

// untested
oTR = document.createElement('TR');
oTR.innerHTML = addHTML;

fwiw, just stuffing a bunch of html into a string and pushing that in via
innerHTML or outerHTML is the lazy way out and is bound to have all sorts of

good luck,



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