[thelist] Javascript book....

Alexander C. Garcia Alexander at Garcia.Name
Mon Jun 16 14:22:01 CDT 2003

Hello everyone

  I would like a recommendations for a good javascript book that will teach
you how to program (I don't want a cookbook), and more importantly one that
talks about JavaScript version 2.0, that way I won't have to buy another
book once that version comes out! I've tried searching Amazon, Half.com,
Barnseandnoble.com for a good book, but I can't find one that meets all of
those criteria.

  The one that I like which is titled Javascript 2.0 A beginners guide ISBN:
0072227907 is unavailable in Amazon (even though the release date is April
2003), but I've found that same book at this url
with a release date of October 2003.

Any advice?
Thank you.

Peace be with you.

Alexander Garcia
Alexander at Garcia.Name

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