[thelist] Keywords in an email?

Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Mon Jun 16 18:17:45 CDT 2003

One other reason to put keywords in an email is to throw off the
Echelon filters.

The Echelon spy network intercepts millions of e-mails and faxes sent
every day by ordinary people, searching for trigger words. 

If we all include those trigger words in all our emails then we will
stuff up their system. For example, Send a Poem for Echelon...
Email a poem, randomly generated from keywords and codenames such as
hack, Bush, America and terror, which are interspersed with encrypted
names and dates. With any luck, it will be intercepted by the Echelon
network and this work of art will also become a tactic for political
protest through its deliberate interference of the Echelon network's
systems of spying.

A poem for Echelon:

S       A   R   T   Y   o   b   i   e   S       A   R       D          

7       5   7   M   S       N   B   C   M   -       1   4   U   n   d  

e   r   c   o   v   e   r   S       a   y   e   r   e   t       M   a  

t   '   K       a   l   I   S   C       S   N   9   M       Y   K   C  

O   C   O   T   G   r   a       y           D       a   t   a   E   C  

C   M   A   R   C   G   R   U   B       V   D   $       I   D   B   X  

M           W   i   p   e   o   u   t   s   u   p   e       r   c   o  

m       p   u   t       e   r   L                                      

 A T A L R T S I n f o   r m a t i   o n     T e   r r o r i s m   r i
W A S C   o w b o y T o m   l i n s   o n C a b l e     &     W i r e  

l   e s s M E I   I O S   A l l D E A D     B E E F m a i l b o m b S  

D I S T e m p   l e t o   n E D I   w o j o   I S R c h a m e   l e o n

  m a n   E O D D F T o m   l i n s o n U n i t   5 7 0 7 L     R T S A

l e x I S P E S e a r   s   T o w e r   W O R M m o l t e l e x j o e B

a l d w i n E   I P g o v e   r n m e n t A M E M B 2   E 7 8   1 6 9 A

G T .   A M   M E S L - 1 S e                                          

    r   g       e   y   e   v       C   B   O   T   R   e   c   c   e  

S   k   y       t   e   l   G   o   r   e   l   S   e   c   u       r  

i   t   y       C   o   n   s   u       l   t       i   n       g   R  

D   I   $   M   -       1   4   S       A   B   E       N   A       P  

G       P           5   .       0   i   B   N   C       I   W   W   S  

V   C   S       K   i   w       i   s   S   I   G   S   S       I   G  

D       A   S   Y   S       S   a       t   e   l   l   i   t   e      

i   m   a   g   e   r   y                                              

New York mayor says he hasn't had time to weigh political future. What
 happens in Afghanistan if the Taliban falls or if military action dri
ves millions of refugees toward the borders? Al-Badr Al-Hazmi who spok
ed on condition of anonymity, said authorities questioned the doctor a
bout whether his credit card may have been stolen by the hijackers or 
their associates. 
So this email has probably been flagged and reported to the CIA


Dr Stuart Young,       +64 (0)9-815 4321 Ex 8656
<syoung at unitec.ac.nz>     
Lecturer, School of Computing and Information Technology,
UNITEC Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

"Have I lost faith in Microsoft? Yes, completely, I no 
longer care or believe any claim or announcement they 
make. I am not interested in their latest and greatest 
version of anything."

>>> john at johnallsopp.co.uk 12/06/2003 18:40:07 >>>
A friend just asked me this:

> I won't tell you what the content of this particular junk mail was,
> I was very curious to see the list of words they had put at the
> [near the 'remove me' bit]. I thought these were words that were
> up by search engines or whatever. So what on earth is all this
> <optimizing dietary blight autocracies stealthy
> RzneXoenhreRzneXgurjbeqsnpgbel.pb.hxRzneX places siemens
> posse autobiographic surprising elucidation suburbia infinitesimal
> chapter biracial jerome really invincible >

... and I don't know the answer. They look like keywords for a search
engine, but why would you put them in an email?


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