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I can't echo the recommendation for Danny Goodman's JS Bible enough.

It was *the* book that taught me JS...and a book I still refer to today.
It's one of those rare books that isn't too 'high-level' for a beginner to
understand and learn from...yet not too 'simple' that you'll ever outgrow

Well worth the price of admission.


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> Alex,
> I would still opt for the JavaScript Bible 4th edition. Danny Goodman
> is the king IMHO. I learned everything I know from that book, and
> still refer to it almost daily. I wouldn't worry about JS2.0, I would
> worry about getting a good base in JS, and that's what this book will
> give you.
> >From what I understand JS2 is still *experimental*
> http://www.mozilla.org/js/language/js20/
> What you should concern yourself with is learning ECMAscript, which
> is really the standards version of JS. ECMAscript is the current
> recommendation (along with the DOM) for programming behavior into web
> pages.
> http://www.websitetips.com/javascript/#ecma_resources
> And again, I wouldn't worry too much even about ECMAscript (which is
> just really the next standards version of JS) yet. Get grounded in
> good scripting first - which Danny will surely give you.
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