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Jeff Howden jeff at
Mon Jun 16 19:26:09 CDT 2003


> From: j.d. welch
> [...] most people vote for the latter, often to my
> dismay-- say when i want to use something as simple as
> "so.there+spam at".

you're smart enough to know you can use a plussed address like that.  99.9%
of all internet users are not, however.  since a plussed address will always
resolve back to the non-plussed version (or should, if you have an rfc
compliant mail server), adding or removing the plus doesn't really change
the ability for the message to be delivered to the proper address.  so,
you're really just using it to label potential spam sources when registering
with an email address.  since you know you can use it, you're likely to also
know why you're not allowed to register with it at any given site and can
enter the non-plussed version instead.  so yeah, annoying, but not something
that'll stop you from registering with a working email address that goes to
the same account.

just my 2c,


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