[thelist] Regular Expression in Javascript

Thorne, Brenton Brenton.Thorne at sunwater.com.au
Tue Jun 17 00:15:01 CDT 2003

> I wrote:
> >> Might be that /< is a meta-sequence to match the start of a word
> >> -- in
> >> your case, a word that starts with plain old "a".
> You replied:
> >  I don't know what you mean by 'meta-sequence', but
> > string.match(re,string) normally returns either an array of
> > matches or 'null'.  When trying to match /<a>/gi it returned
> > nothing at all...
> A meta-sequence is simply a regexp term for a series of metacharacters
> (.^$*? are examples of metacharacters). For instance, the
> meta-sequence </ means "start of word" so as it's used here
> </some word
> it says to match a word that begins with "some", thereby excluding the
> words "foursome" or "lonesome".
> Your code snippet
> /<a/gi
> if I understand it correct, is in effect saying "find a word that
> begins with 'a' "; it' not saying "find '<a' "

yes, that makes good sense :)  All the javascript re info I found online didn't mention /< as a sequence...

> Make sense? I just started with regexp myself and have found the
> O'Reilly (of course) book "Mastering Regular Expressions" excellent --
> first two chapters provide a lot of the understanding I need for my
> regular tasks, but it goes very deep beyond that and it's surprisingly
> comprehensible.
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