[thelist] Word of mouth

Lisa Sinervo lisa-list at threadneedlest.com
Tue Jun 17 00:38:30 CDT 2003

 "Chris Marsh" wrote: >
> Um, aside from the fact that anyone other than a complete pansy would
> not want to put their name behind a criticism of another individual and
> this site is clearly the work of someone who needs a serious beating, I
> was under the impression that one was not allowed to charge money from a
> ..org site? Am I in error, or are these guys "breaking the law, breaking
> the law"?

There is no agreement that one enters into when selecting a domain ending
with .org so I doubt it would be "breaking the law" to run a business out of
a .org  site.  I think that they are reserved for non profits is more of an
"understood" situation.  I worked for a very short time for a sleaze bag
lawyer who represented himself as a non-profit organization advocating
nursing home reform for seniors but really he was a high priced attorney who
did estate planning to help wealthy seniors get public medical assistance by
hiding their assets.  He used a .org domain name selected specifically so
people would be hooked into his organization before they realized that it
was not non profit.  I'd almost add him to the word of mouth list but I'd
definitely sign my name.  This site was set up for cowards.


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