[thelist] apache on w98 for testing - problem

Roger Harness magic32 at jps.net
Tue Jun 17 01:17:22 CDT 2003


I am experimenting, and downloaded and installed apache http server 2.0.46
on my windows98 system. I *seemed* to have a good install. and when i ask my
browser to give me the http://localhost it gives me (apparently) the correct

But...when I try to "start my apache in console", I get the apache console
window, but I cant DO anything in it! my keystrokes arn't showing up.

I have been looking at the documentation, doing searches, FAQ's, etc, but I
can't seem to even find what I'm looking for. Can't find any help with "no
keystrokes appearing" etc.

I'm sure its because i'm so new at this, but i can't go any further. Can
anybody help, or point me in a direction? Again, i've been checking out
apache.org and others, but no help.


-Roger Harness

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