[thelist] Keywords in an email?

Koutoulas, Pete PKOUTOUL at Fayette.k12.ky.us
Tue Jun 17 06:42:17 CDT 2003

On Monday, June 16, 2003 7:18 PM, Stuart Young wrote:

> Hi,
> One other reason to put keywords in an email is to throw off the
> Echelon filters.
> The Echelon spy network intercepts millions of e-mails and faxes sent
> every day by ordinary people, searching for trigger words.
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/1357264.stm
> If we all include those trigger words in all our emails then we will
> stuff up their system. For example, Send a Poem for Echelon...
> http://www.window.auckland.ac.nz/archive/020617Echelon/Echelondefault.html
> Email a poem, randomly generated from keywords and codenames such as
> hack, Bush, America and terror, which are interspersed with encrypted
> names and dates. With any luck, it will be intercepted by the Echelon
> network and this work of art will also become a tactic for political
> protest through its deliberate interference of the Echelon network's
> systems of spying.

So what have you got to hide? If you're that paranoid, just encrypt your
email. Sheesh. 

    [ pete ]

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