[thelist] surreal mac/pc website cdrom question

Scott Harman scott at enteractiontv.com
Tue Jun 17 07:47:29 CDT 2003

Yes - unfortunately all HTML - 
Was Php/Postgres on the site - so much fun and games getting that
working correctly.
Hybrid Cd-rom's aren't really the issue - it's creating valid data that
will work with both.

Relative links simply will not work correctly - 
Example structure:
../assets/banner.gif - works on pc - doesn't work on mac (when written
from pc)
../assets/banner.gif - works on pc (ish) - works only on ie for mac
(when written from mac)
/assets/banner.gif - works on pc - doesn't work on mac (when written
from pc)
/assets/banner.gif - doesn't work on pc - works on latest safari and ie
for mac (when written from mac)

I find that incredibly confusing - 
What gives us a major problem is making video assets available in both
hfs and iso9660 partitions of the disk.

Even trying to explain this to our web designer gives me a headache -
add to that one of the core requirements (that was agreed before I had a
chance to dig my oar in!) was that the CD would autorun for all users -
given that most users will disable autorun/autostart it's going to be a
pretty silly argument.

We've aiming to put over 100 video assets on the disc encoded for
windows media player - there simply isn't enough space if I develop the
two "sites" to run side by side off the same cd!

*tears hair out*

Thanks anyway Aardvark - will continue having a fiddle

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> From: "Scott Harman" <scott at enteractiontv.com>
> I've been commissioned to build a mac/pc cd-rom containing a 
> completely cross-platform site for offline viewing.


> For starters I'm not 100% sure on how to author a disc for both 
> purposes (I'm sure I can find a solution) but what about the actual 
> support for flash and video objects? Googling for a solution comes up 
> with hundreds of answers for PC  - but zip for mac usage.

look for info on burning hybrid CD-ROMs...

> Does anyone here have any experience in this, or have any advice on 
> how to author this to work on both? The last thing we want to do is 
> alienate any potential users - but at the same time, unless we're 
> getting 500 mac users of a production run of 5000 discs I don't think 
> it's viable spending most of my development time purely working of mac

> support, rather than quality of the overall offering.

i just wrapped up a hybrid CD-ROM that autoruns a Flash movie on both 
Mac and Windows... that's not so hard... if you're trying to autorun 
web pages off a CD-ROM, you'll need a utility to launch the browser 
(Duckware is where i got mine) on Wintel, but i can't address auto-
running HTML on a Mac... at least not right now...

yet another book:
  The Web Professional's Handbook
  ISBN: 1904151221

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