[thelist] REGEX: Tip- A regex library

Oren Levin lists at pinetree.net
Tue Jun 17 08:10:02 CDT 2003

Granted, the first and last example are fairly rare. However, you would be
surprised at the number of people with an apostrophe in their name (O'Brien,
etc.) and their email address. There's nothing like a ticket to customer
service from someone who wants to give you business but can't because you
tell them they don't have a "valid" email address.

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From: Jeff Howden

> From: Oren Levin
> Too bad all of the email regex examples fail RFC 822:
> "Some Silly User"@example.com
> Another'User at example.com
> Yet/Another/Wacky/User at example.com

too bad there are exactly 3 people (some silly user, another user, and yet
another wacky user) who use email addresses in this form.  everyone else
seems to stick to a much more recognized address pattern.

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