[thelist] Owed Tip

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Tue Jun 17 09:52:33 CDT 2003

Since my question didn't cover web development and about an artist, I
thought it would be fitting to include a tip about graphic design.

<tip type="Transparent Blends in Fireworks 4/MX" author="Rob.Smith">

If you've been curious about those advanced looking graphics that seem to
meld together in a nice easy transition, here's how "they" do it (or one
way). First you'll need the app open of course. Place your favorite
bitmap/jpg/gif/etc in the open canvas then:

1. Grab a geometric drawing tool from the tool menu (i.e. square, circle,
2. Make your object over the graphic. This should insert the new image over
the first.
3. Fill your object with a blend going from light to dark with any hue.
Black to white work best.
4. Select both images however you do it.
5. Select Modify > Mask > Group as Mask and voila. A transparent blend.


-M.C. Escher

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