[thelist] Load a url on "Bandwidth Exceeded" (Remote, PHP, or Perl)

Gina Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Tue Jun 17 10:08:32 CDT 2003

Here's one I haven't seen here before. ;-P

I have a site that is allotted 15GB of bandwidth per month. It's likely in
the future that the allotted b/w will be exceeded before the month is over.
I need to redirect when the b/w is exceeded on the domain. The site offers
downloads for a gaming community, so basically I just need to tell the user
to go to a mirror and give a link. A page from another domain will have to
offer the mirror link because domain will not load anything once the b/w is

Now, the domain is on a shared apache/linux box. It has WHM and Cpanel, and
when a domain has exceeded the bandwidth allotted for the month, a generic
"Bandwidth has been exceeded for this domain" page is shown to the visiting
user. I can't edit that page, because it would be a server-wide thing with
how CPanel handles it. Right now, Cpanel allows custom 404's, 500's and
others, but not this one.

Anyone have any ideas on how I could handle this? I'm far from a programmer,
so if you offer code, please comment on it.


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