[thelist] Best DHTML menu

Kristof Neirynck k.neirynck at belgacom.net
Tue Jun 17 10:39:51 CDT 2003

Koutoulas, Pete wrote:
> We are planning an overhaul of our site to make it more compliant /
> accessible. One of the pieces of baggage that I will have to retain is a
> multi-level DHTML menu. I would prefer to avoid JavaScript altogether but I
> will not have that option. So, of the dynamic menus that are out there,
> which ones are the most compliant and accessible? 
> I assume I will have to use one that does not depend on JavaScript to render
> the top level menu items, so I can make those link to pages with ordinary
> links to deep content for nonstandard browsers. The menu I am currently
> using (HV Menu) does not render at all if JavaScript is not available. 

Personaly I'd just stay with HV.
It's proven to work in all possible browsers.
Just add <noscript> to show the menu if javascript isn't available.

Or... use my little creation.
It works without javascript in moz and op7.
And degrades well in most browsers.
The drawback is it crashes safari. (witch is still a beta)

Other options are:


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