[thelist] RE: CSS Caching

Chris Neppes cneppes at port80software.com
Tue Jun 17 12:05:44 CDT 2003

>Anyone seen an issue where the web server seems to cache CSS files? I'm
>working on a CFM that uses <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
>href="/style.css">, and for some reason, the css file isn't being
>refreshed. I'm seeing this in both Mozilla and IE, so I'm assuming it's
>a web server issue.

Managing cache control headers to set proper caching rules for content
is usually left in the hands of administrators with access to the Web
server.  This is a disconnect, as it is developers that know what
elements of a site need to be cached and for how long, not admins. 

So how do you get developers access to the Web server and these controls

On Apache Web servers, use mod_headers and learn the syntax.

On Microsoft IIS Web server, use CacheRight and edit a rules file. 

Chris @ Port80

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