[thelist] Breadcrumb theory

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Tue Jun 17 12:26:24 CDT 2003

I was contemplating how to make versatile "breadcrumbs" on pages that 
would be flexible enough that you could make them work without 
hard-coding them into each page.  I also didn't want to depend 

Here's the idea I came up with, and I thought it might be useful to 

Use Server-Side Includes.  In every directory on the site put a 
fragment html file that contains the Breadcrumb string leading up to 
that directory.  In each page, put in an SSI call that calls (for 
example) "breadcrumb.htm for insertion, followed by the name of the 
current page.

Thus your page at
might have this:

<div id="breadcrumbs">
You are here: <!--#include file="breadcrumb.html" --> / Finding 

And the breadcrumb.html file would contain this fragment:

<a href="../../index.html">Home</a> / <a 
href="../index.html>Reviews</a> / <a href="index.html">Family</a>

And that's it.  The clincher is that every file would have the exact 
same include call, and the include's content would thus be determined 
by the include file in each particular directory.

Does anyone see any glaring problems with this?  Useful?  Stoopid?


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