[thelist] Breadcrumb theory

Daniel Fascia danfascia at totalise.co.uk
Tue Jun 17 19:52:25 CDT 2003

>> I was contemplating how to make versatile "breadcrumbs" on pages that 
>> would be flexible enough that you could make them work without 
>> hard-coding them into each page.  I also didn't want to depend 
>> Javascript.
>> Use Server-Side Includes.

If it has to be SSI then that seems to work fine but I find it a bit 
laborious to set up all of those little include files

If other languages are available then I tend to build a breadcrumb trail 
by exploding the URL string into chunks with a
generic script...

e.g. http://www.danfascia.com/photos/march_2003/

could be easily spliced into

home > photos > march 2003

and, with a little bit more fiddling you can easily set it up so that 
the last section of the URL is checked for its extension and then 
dynamically used as a page <title> which should help with search engine 


<title>Dan Fascia: photos - Skiing In Chamonix </title>

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