[thelist] Virtual directories in IIS

David Turner david.turner at synergy.tv
Wed Jun 18 06:11:29 CDT 2003

hi all,

following on from an earlier post of mine. [pros/ cons of using relative
links] i am trying to configure IIS on a test webserver to allow my links to

basically i have several websites running on my machine, and i want links
like /images/foo.png to work. even though the image is physically located in

from the previous posts, i am guessing this is done in apache using virtual
hosts, and i am trying to find the equivalent in IIS.

i have tried moving the mytestsite directory to a different location and
setting up a virtual directory in IIS, however the image is not being
displayed, and if i look at the properties the webpage is expecting the
image to be found in http://localhost/images/foo.png

oh, and whilst i have your ear(s) perhaps someone would like to recommend an
IIS book.



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