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David Turner david.turner at synergy.tv
Wed Jun 18 07:11:41 CDT 2003

hi gurus,

i am modifying a spec for a website, that is being developed by external

currently in the technical overview it says that "html code is produced
following W3C's guidelines"

i wanted to make this a bit more specific, something along the lines of....


The html code is produced following W3C's HTML standard 4.01, with each page
having the line


at the top.

This will allow validation using http://validator.w3.org


what are the lists thoughts on this?

is html 4.01 the standard i should be using? or will using 4.01 limit the
number of browsers that users can use? should i be using a earlier standard?
HTML 3.2 perhaps?

is this a good thing that i am trying to implement?



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