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Nick Wilson nick at stylesheet.org
Wed Jun 18 08:03:14 CDT 2003

* and then David Turner declared....
> is html 4.01 the standard i should be using? or will using 4.01 limit the
> number of browsers that users can use? should i be using a earlier standard?
> HTML 3.2 perhaps?

All browsers understand any doctype. It's the code (or ignore that line
if they don't). It's hte CODE that is important.

Personally I think XHTML 1.0 Strict or XHTML 1.1 is the way to go for
most sites these days. It depends on the target group though, if I were
building a site for the over 70's I'd assume many of them may have old
machines and may never have upgraded their browser. So, 4.01
Transitional and table layouts would probably be a good call.

However, I run a lot of sites and they *all* use valied XHTML 1.1 and
CSS and I have no complaints and no problems. 

Nick W

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