[thelist] web development basics (ideally using PHP)

Alan McCoy a.r.mccoy at larc.nasa.gov
Wed Jun 18 09:08:49 CDT 2003

=> i have been put in a position to lead a PHP project
=> where a few interns (hired by the client). i gave them
=> my code to build upon. in response, i got bombarded
=> with basic questions such as 'what is $_SESSION ?' and
=> the like. 
=> can anyone recommend an online tutorial that will
=> explain all the necessary web development *basics* so
=> that i don't have to answer such questions one by one? 
=> something that explains http protocol, request, response, 
=> session, etc for newbies, ideally with PHP examples..

Don't fret! Just like every other PHP developer, they have to start
someplace. Here's some resources that will help:

http://www.php.net/links.php (actually ANYTHING at www.php.net is highly



And of course http://evolt.org/search/index.html?keywords=php

Also, the O'Reilly books and the WROX books are pretty great, too!


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