[thelist] feedback on design layout

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Wed Jun 18 10:32:29 CDT 2003

The design can be found here:

Wow. There's a lot of potential here. Taking your idea I would try out:

* Make it so that the header expands as a percentage to the width of central
* As other's have suggested, increase the color regime.
* Exploit the 1-pixel border idea, possibly transmute that idea into a
racing theme
* If its not too cheesy, add VROOOOM sounds when you click on a link and
SHREEEKING of the tires when you get to a page
* If its possible to make a mask effect of a checkered flag run through the
* See about making the phone graphic look like a car shaped phone.
* Don't forget lots and lots of blinking text  ... :-\  j/k



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